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Meloanimate Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

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MELOANIMATE EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED is formed to provide industry based skills education for working professionals who want to enhance their qualifications. Today's complex business environment requires a competent workforce that is "industry-ready" and "industry-relevant". As enablers in the creation of knowledge workers, Academic Institutions need to equip students with in-depth preparation in imparting the modern concepts of management and Skills demanded by industry with emphasis on live participation and case studies, which are strategically important in learning the fast changing business in the globalized economy. At the corporate level, the recent global FINANCIAL  meltdown has further enhanced the need to stay competitive in the changed economic order. Most organizations have understood the merits of having a knowledgeable workforce and have started looking at learning and development as a strategic initiative. Businesses have also realized the significance of standards based education/ training - a pre-requisite for student success. At MELOANIMATE EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, we combine vast experience in learning, technology, content and services to deliver rapidly deployable solutions that optimize your initiatives in imparting learning, minimizing costs and INVESTMENTS  with a focus on increasing learning outcomes. Our solutions help deliver, manage, report and measure the success of your learning initiatives.. MELOANIMATE EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED learning solutions are tailor made to meet your requirements. From learner centric learning to active / exploratory / inquiry-based learning to multi-sensory stimulation and critical thinking, these solutions facilitate informed decision-making in a real world context. Our solutions offer a host of benefits, including. Extending education opportunities by making anytime, anywhere learning possible Integration of learning and development Transforming learning objectives from traditional rote memorization of information to the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Motivating learning beyond the course curriculum Web-based curriculum and resources offer just-in-time content that enables learners to self-pace their learning. 
Meloanimate Edutech Pvt. Ltd.